About Us

Hotel Amsterdam is a brand new design hotel, designed by Edward van Vliet. He took care of the design together with the owners of the selection of materials, colours and decorations.

We offer you lodgings in the center of Amsterdam, sorted by stars. location and rates and trendy and luxury hotels in the centre of Amsterdam sorted by area. There are also cheap hotels on this site, not all charming hotels are expensif! If the hotels are situated in old canal houses in the centre of Amsterdam, they have often steep flights of stairs and no space for elevators. Those hotels have a low number of stars therefore they are cheaper then others. But there could be very cosy and trendy hotels in this sort of category!

This hotel guide also shows you the way how to explore Amsterdam, what to do upon arrival, a list with all important events, parades and festivals and coming soon, a list with good restaurants choosen by locals. Further there is an explanation for what you may expect from budget hotels, tourist class hotels, comfortable hotels, deluxe hotels and first-class hotels on this site.

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, stands on the estuary of the river IJ and about 20 km from the North Sea coast. Throughout its 800-year history, Amsterdam has combined a hard-headed approach to commerce and business with a remarkable willingness to experiment with new ideas, from the Rationalism of Erasmus to the revolutionary Protestantism’s of Luther, through the republicanism of the 17th century to. Modern Amsterdam benefits from the legacy of its prosperous past. They built gracious homes that still line the canal, and they were the patrons of a generation of Europe’s greatest painters, giving impetus to an artistic tradition that makes Amsterdam one of Europe’s great centres of visual Arts today. It’s a pity we can’t say the same thing about our cuisine…But, don’t worry: it’s a capital with hundreds of restaurants representing nearly all cultures in the world!